U.S. Statement during UN Women Executive Board Meeting on UN Women’s 2022-2025 Strategic Plan (via VTC)

Nicholas Hill
Acting ECOSOC Representative
New York, NY
September 14, 2021


Thank you, Mr. President and Madame Executive Director

The United States fully supports UN Women’s Strategic Plan, which we believe offers a solid foundation to guide the organization’s work for the next three years.

The Strategic Plan is a Plan for all women and girls in all their diversity. It emphasizes women’s human rights and considers the diverse situations and concerns of women and girls worldwide. It gives attention to the most vulnerable individuals, committing to leaving no one behind.

The Plan’s core objectives – advancing women’s political and economic empowerment; eliminating violence against women; furthering the women, peace, and security agenda; and helping women in humanitarian crisis situations – continue to resonate. It also addresses emerging challenges, notably COVID-19’s disproportionate effects on women and girls.

We appreciate the Plan’s focus on organizational efficiency and effectiveness, including building partnerships; leveraging resources; promoting a results-driven business model; and strong monitoring, evaluation, and reporting mechanisms.

By working towards the objectives of the Plan, member states and other stakeholders will significantly improve the situation of women and girls worldwide. This in turn will result in safe, prosperous, and resilient communities and nations. The United States commits to being a robust and helpful implementing partner.

Thank you, Mr. President